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Apples... What could be nicer than to bite into a ripe, freshly picked traditional English apple?


The main ones we grow which are available both for wholesale and retail, in the order they are picked, are:


Discovery- We allow this apple to tree ripen, as we know that only then do they achieve their full taste and sweetness potential; a good start to the season, available for around a fortnight or three weeks in the second half of August through into early September.


Worcester- An old fashioned, famous early apple with a loyal following, these are available for a short time with Discovery.


Laxtons Fortune- This variety has been described as the best of early apples. Sweet with red stripes on a light green background, the creamy flesh achieves an intense flavour in a good year. Picks first week in September.


Greensleeves- A green apple used to pollinate our cox, with a pleasant flavour.


Perfection- A variety which is indigenous to the orchard. This cox and Worcester cross retains many of the attributes of its parents, with a fairly firm  white flesh and a bright red stripey appearance.


Bramleys- The most popular cooking apple.


Lord Lambourne- An interesting eating apple, this is ready mid September.


Egremont Russet- A much sought after apple, it is unique for its sweet and nutty taste


Red Pippin- Bred from a cox, this is a much crispier apple which has a good flavour and can keep until April.


Cox's Orange Pippin- This is our main variety. Still a great favourite


Spartan- A shiny purple apple, with a sweet flavour. It is usually a smaller apple, which makes it a very popular choice for children.


Crispin- This yellow apple with pink blush/ or yellow green colour is a large dual purpose type from Japan. Crisp,with plenty of juice and a good apple taste, available from November until March.


Howgate Wonder- This very large baking apple is sweeter than a Bramley


Other types we grow are:


Lord Derby

Cherry Cox

John Standish










  Right: The Howgate Wonder apple harvest



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